cGMP company production facility/Fully equipped application Lab for customer support
We are one of the fastest growing company, manufacturer, marketer & exporter of various pharmaceutical excipients, who provides complete solution in Film Coating / Enteric coating & Sustain Release / Control Release formulations to pharma industry. Our prestigious brand DRUGCOAT is one of the common name in many pharmaceutical industries.

It’s way back in 1984, when Vikram Thermo started it’s journey at Chhatral, near Ahmedabad - the chemical hub of western India, launched DPO (Diphenyl Oxide), the 1st manufacturer in India, spreads it’s wings to a new horizon. Over a time of period, company become one of the trusted name in Methacrylic Acid Copolymers & Acrylic Copolymers (DRUGCOAT L 30D,L 100-55,L 100-55D, L 100, L 12.5,S 100,S 12.5,E 100,E PO,E 12.5, RL 100,RL PO,RL 12.5,RS 100, RS PO,RS 12.5, NE 30D, ) FOR PHARMACEUTICAL COATING & S.R.  FORMULATION.
» DRUGCOAT(Methacrylic    Acid Copolymer    USP/NF,Ph.Eur)
  • Enteric Coating
  • Film Coating
  • Transparent Coating
  • Sustained Release
  • Moisture Barrier Coating
  • Taste Masking
» Diphenyl Oxide
  • In Heat Transfer Fluid
  • Reaction Solvent In The Manufacture Of API
  • As Perfumery Component In Cosmetics
» Pharma polymers for Film / Enteric coating, Moisture Barrier / protective coating, Taste Masking / S.R. / C.R.
» Almost 3 decade's trust among our valued customers across the globe.
» cGMP compliance production facility.
» Strong R&D, F&D back-up & ultramodern pharma application lab to provide customize solution.
» Advanced analytical lab with dedicated Q.A/Q.C. department to ensure international standard quality.
» Wider distribution network to cater our product timely.
» Sufficient documents, data, references that meet customer's need.
» Strong, qualified & experienced techno-marketing team for offering best customer services which leads to customer satisfaction.

In brief " Vikram Thermo (India) Ltd. become one of the trusted name in pharmaceutical and many other industries through offering best quality and customer support since 1985, which is the result of 25 years of experiance in R&D, Manufacturing and Marketing.

25 years of success Continuous research Highest standard Wider distribution network Faster delivery 24 X 7 trouble shooting assistance